Garden State Theatre Organ Society


Loew's Jersey Theatre
4/23 Robert-Morton Theatre Pipe Organ
Moving Chests into the Main Chamber, October 25, 2003

Pictures: Denise Andersen & Bill Londell. Captions: Bill Londell
Click on a picture for a larger version.

Loading Ramp
Ladder and wood plank slide set up to load chamber.

Chamber Door
Main chamber access loading door.

Chamber Crew
Main chamber loading crew.

Equipment Ready
Percussions, regulators and pedal pipes wait to be loaded.

Ground Crew
View of ground crew.

Pedal Pipes
Loading pedal pipes to chamber.

Small Regulator
Loading one of many small regulators.

Large Regulator
Securing large, heavy regulator.

Large Regulator
Chamber view of regulator being secured.

Balancing Act
Mike Fox helping to balance the top heavy regulator.

Harp Bars
Getting harp bars ready for loading.

Harp Action
Harp percussion action.

Percussion Action
Securing the percussion action.

Percussion Action
Chamber view of percussion action being loaded on to the slide.

Easy Does It!
Slow and steady movement to chamber.

Helping Hand
Mike Fox helping to balance percussion action.

The Crew
The crew who helped make this project a success!


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