Garden State Theatre Organ Society


Loew's Jersey Theatre
4/23 Robert-Morton Theatre Pipe Organ
Moving Chests Into Solo Chamber Shades Part 1, 6/23/01

Chests ready under the stage
The chests were releathered and rewired in the basement organ workshop over the past 4 years.

Chest sees the stage again
An interesting Christmas tree is present too to watch the moving.

Some of the chests...
for the solo chamber. The rest were already taken off the stage.

Wrapping Pipes
A huge thunderstorm the day of the move forced us to wrap the chests with plastic before moving them into the chamber.

Christmas tree meets a sled !
What would a winter scene (in June) be without a sled. This one, made out of wood, with runners at the top was used to slide chests up the ladder directly into the chamber.

Mr. Bubble ?
Between the sled and the bubble wrap keeping the chests dry there was not a scratch from the move up the ladder.

Up, up, and away
in my beautiful bubblewrap.

A huge offset chest

Pictures by Carole & Tony Rustako, Fran Monte, and Paul Jacyk



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