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Loew's Jersey Theatre
4/23 Robert-Morton Theatre Pipe Organ
Solo Chamber Shades, May 2001

Pictures by Friends of Loews and Paul Jacyk

Interior of Loews Jersey City Theatre
The organ grills are the structures seen left and right of the stage. When the organ is playing, sound from the hundreds of pipes comes out of the chamber openings.
The left chamber is called the main, the right chamber called the solo.
The stage is 80 feet wide, so you can imagine how large the organ chambers are.
There are large chandeliers in front of the organ grills.

Here the organ chamber is shown in the center of the picture.

Inside the Solo Chamber
There is currently lots of space in the chamber, but it will quickly fill up as pipes and other organ parts are moved in. Because of the limitations of the camera only about half of the chamber is shown in this picture.

What are Shades ?
Shades are the vertical wooden "doors" in this picture. They open and close to let the sound out or keep it in. There are two sets per chamber at Loews. Many theatre organs only have one set per chamber.

Shady characters working on shade motors.
New leather is being glued on to the shade motor's wood parts in the organ workroom.

Shade motor being moved into the Solo Chamber.
This is the same motor shown to the left. It can be seen mounted on the shades in the pictures above. The motor pneumatically moves the shades.

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