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Loew's Jersey Theatre
4/23 Robert-Morton Theatre Pipe Organ
Solo Chamber & Console 5/17/03

Click on pictures for a larger version.

Console Being Assembled
The refinished console takes shape on the organ lift. The lift floor under the cardboard has also been refinished. A red color on the console's shield matches the theatre's curtains and wall coverings..

An Uplifting Picture
Even though not completely assembled yet, the brilliant off-white finish and hypnotic glowing gold leaf draws people's gaze from all parts of the theatre.

The Lift Rotates

Everyone will be doing the twist in the aisles when the organ is playing... just like the console does on its lift. Ok, maybe 45 degrees less spin motion than at a pizza venue. The lift control is shown here towards the lower left.

A Spitting Image Of The Original?
No spitting popcorn or dumping soda into the pit on this console after movies !!!! A picture of the original Loew's Jersey console, now in Santa Barbara, CA, lets visitors know roughly what the console will look like when fully assembled.

Z-tronics Wired Up
We are very charged up about this !!! Not too shocking to find this is done too in the solo chamber. You can almost feel the electricity in the air.

No Lonely Pipes
The chamber looked so empty and large last year, but these pipes are not lonely any more. Almost all the glorious Robert-Morton pipes are in the solo chamber now. Just a few needed repairs.

More Spots Than A Cheetah !
Organists fingers will be able to run as fast as a Cheetah with these pipes. Many of the pipes are made out of an awesome looking spotted tin-lead metal mixture. Even the zinc pipes have crystals that look like spots.

In Jersey, Its All About Connections...
Heavy duty electrical cable connectors are used (upper right) throughout the organ. Taller pipes are also tied to supports neatly with perfect bow knots. Every mother's dream of kids tying great knots !

One Tall Order
The organ crew has spent a long time cleaning and moving the pipes into the chamber. This picture shows the order from small to large of many of the ranks. Very tall strings are also shown.

Hide And Seek
The 16 ft. Diaphone is "hiding" behind the 16 ft. string in this picture. (upper right) The solo Tibia Clausa is also along the wall (out of view) next to the Diaphone. Bright lights hanging from the ceiling quickly reveals everyone's location.

Won't You Stopper By Sometime?
Tony stops by the tibia clausa stoppers to plan his next viewing angle. Numerous walk boards allow for free travel around to get near all the pipes.

~~~~ Time Machine ~~~~
A comparison view of the solo chamber from February, 2002. (last year) As of 5/17/03 the dedicated volunteer organ crew has spent over 18,000 hours restoring and installing this organ. No wonder this Robert-Morton organ is looking so fine !!

Pictures: Paul Jacyk. Thanks to Tony Rustako for his very w i d e camera lens for these pictures.

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