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Loew's Jersey Theatre
4/23 Robert-Morton Theatre Pipe Organ
Loew's Jersey Organ Work Room 2/12/2000

Pictures by Bill Londell

bumpers.jpg (13258 bytes)
Jinny releathering shade bumpers.

Since the pipes always play at one volume in the pipe chambers, "loud", the shades control the volume of the organ for the audience by acting like a door. When the shades are open the organ sound is loud, when they are closed the organ is quiet. They shade bumpers prevent the shades from making a banging sound when they close.

DiaphoneTrees.jpg (9487 bytes)
Forrest of wood organ pipes filling whole room.
These are some of the largest wood pipes in the organ. They are are up to 16 feet long. Shown from left to right are flute/tibia and diaphone. They produce very low sounds that can shake you in your seat like a  subwoofer on a modern home theatre system.

LeatherPizza.jpg (13867 bytes)
Karen cuts leather like it was pizza !
Leather is used for many of the pneumatics (kind of like a bellows) in a theatre organ. It lasts a long time, it is flexible, and easy to work with.

RegulatorTower.jpg (10527 bytes)
4 of 14 (!) releathered regulators very carefully stacked.
Regulators work with tremulants and the blower to "regulate" the air pressure supplied to the pipes. The large regulators shown here are about 3 x 4 feet.


ShadeMotor1.jpg (13309 bytes)
Shady characters working on shade motors.
New leather is being glued on to the shade motor's wood parts.

ShadeMotorScrew2.jpg (14557 bytes)
huh ????

ShadeMotorScrew4.jpg (12224 bytes)
Hunting for screws.
Shade motors are being attached here with screws. The screws are inside the motor. (It is very dark in there)

ShadeTest1.jpg (12124 bytes)
It is alive !! breaths air, and moves too !
Here the shade motors are being checked for leaks by connecting it to an air supply and opening valves letting air blow up the motors. (seen puffed up in this picture) The white material is leather.

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