Garden State Theatre Organ Society


Loew's Jersey Theatre
4/23 Robert-Morton Theatre Pipe Organ
Solo Chamber 2/9/02

Lots of Good Wood !
16' Diaphone and 16' Tibia. Lots of large wood pipes are sure to shake things up in the neighborhood.

Do Elephants have "Wind Trunks" ?
This mammoth organ has some. This one is freshly built by the organ crew. It is the long "box" on the right. It brings air to the regulators from the blower.

Remember the small blower ?

Regulator Winding

One of the ducts connecting the wind trunk to the regulator is next to Bob on the right.

Regulating Regulator Placement
Getting them ready to accept wind line to the chests.

Makes you climb the walls ?
The ladder looks like it is in a horrible place on the chests. It is really on two walkboards.

Small Apartment
Some people sleep in apartments smaller than the Loew's solo chamber, but they don't have a 16' tuba next to their chests at night.

Pictures: Paul Jacyk


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