3/23 Wurlitzer Hybrid, New Hope, PA


The spectacular home installation of this 3/23 Wurlitzer hybrid theatre organ is in New Hope, PA. Installation was completed in the spring of 2003 in a huge music room with gorgeous cherry flooring and beautiful off white paneling. Twenty-three ranks of pipes were carefully selected based on their tonal quality with many of the major manufacturers represented. A three manual Wurlitzer console was procured from an original 1925 installation in the 3000 seat Diversey Theatre in Chicago. It was installed as Wurlitzer opus 987, 1/26/1925, Style 260SP

The entire instrument is so responsive that it feels like you are playing a modern electronic instrument! The organ is controlled by a Uniflex 2000 relay and wind is supplied by a 7HP blower. Everything was restored to “as new” condition, and the organ was tonally finished by Clark Wilson.

At the flick of a switch, a section of paneling at the end of the room disappears into the floor revealing the gleaming dark brown Wurlitzer console rolling toward you out of it’s niche, a la Radio City Music Hall. The chambers, concealed behind off white grille cloth to match the paneling, are positioned high in the ceiling to be opposed to each other, creating a sensation of total sound immersion in the center of the room. Parts of the residence date back almost to the American Revolution.


Console Close

Music Room


Rear Chamber

Regulator / Trem

Basement Regulators / Trems

Pictures: Paul Jacyk 8/14/04