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Best Movie Theater Organ in NYC (Jersey City)!

October 2012 -- Our Bob Balfour Memorial Wonder Morton organ located in The Landmark Loew's Jersey Theatre was just named by "The Village Voice" as the Best Movie Theater Organ in NYC! Kudos to all involved. Click here to read the article.

Best Theatre!

2010 -- The Landmark Loew's Jersey Theatre (home of Wonder Morton organ which is played at many Loew's events) was just named by "The Village Voice" as the Best Theatre showing films in the New York - New Jersey metropolitan area. Kudos to all involved. Click here to read the article.

Best attended event.

Saturday, October 23, 2010 -- The Friends of Loew's showed the silent movie Nosferatu accompanied by Wayne Zimmerman.

The show was a huge success with attendance in excess of 1,100 people! This was the best attended event at the theatre since the reopening of the venue.

It certainly looks like the Loew's Jersey with its Wonder Morton Theatre pipe organ is the place to see classic silent movies in the area. Wayne Zimmerman did a superb job at the console and received a standing ovation.

Chris Elliot at the Wonder Morton console.

Saturday, October 2, 2010 -- Landmark Loew's Jersey Theatre. GSTOS had an exciting silent movie with Chris Elliott at the console of the Loew's Wonder Morton organ playing for The Mark of Zorro.

The event was a great success and young and old alike enjoyed Chris Elliott's performance. They even followed his encouragement to cheer on the hero and hiss at the villain.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010 was a great and interesting day for the Loew’s Jersey and the Wonder Morton.

New CD Release

The Wonders Of It All
features Lee Erwin playing the former
Loew's Kings & Loew's 175th Wonder Mortons.

More information here

Going Ape Over Organ Music !

LOEW'S / GSTOS - Friday, June 13, 2008 and Saturday, June 14, 2008. Live Organ Entrance Music before movies "Planet Of The Apes", "Mighty Joe Young", "King Kong", Son Of Kong".  4/23 Robert-Morton.
Loew's Jersey Theatre. (click the picture for a full size version)

New Video - Loew's Jersey Wonder Morton

April 6, 2008

"Toot Toot Tootsie" played by Ralph Ringstad at the March 29, 2008 GSTOS/NYTOS meeting.
Video: Mike O'Brien

New Videos - Sue Ward on the Loew's Jersey Wonder Morton

February 29, 2008

Wonder Morton - Slave Manual Plays Again

February 9, 2008

This Robert-Morton manual was found on the right side of the Loew's Jersey orchestra pit when an extra floor covering the pit was removed.  It still had the organ cable attached. The manual has 10 pistons, a red cancel piston, and four Morton rocker switches. Originally it contained two metal levers that appeared to control the swell shades. Crew Chief Bob Martin restored the manual. It now contains z-tronics relay boards and a wireless MIDI transmitter and can be used to remotely play the Wonder Morton. Photos: Bob Martin.

Slave Manual Loews Jersey Wonder Morton Before Slave Manual Loews Jersey Wonder Morton After
Before After

Wonder Morton Enjoyed at Christmas Sing Along

December 14, 2007
Ralph Ringstad Jr. played the Wonder Morton for a Christmas Sing-A-Long.
Loew' Jersey Wonder Morton Chirstmas Sing-A-Long
Poster by: Joyce Jaworowski

Loew's Jersey Wonder Morton - Organ Preview Movies

November 3, 2007
Ralph Ringstad Jr. playing the Wonder Morton at the GSTOS organ preview event for chapter members.

Wonder Morton movies:

GSTOS in the News and Journals

Asbury Park Convention Hall 3/12 Kilgen

  • Urban Enterprise Zone board agrees to fund organ repairs April 21,1999

  • Historical Society Liaison between City and G.S. Theatre Organ Society Courtesy of Shoreview/Oceanview August 21, 1998

Loew’s Jersey Robert-Morton Theatre Organ

July 26 1997 GSTOS moved the 4/23 Robert-Morton "Loew's Paradise Wonder Morton" into Loew's Jersey City.  For the full story see the Wonder Morton Page.

Bound Brook Wurlitzer

  • "Volunteers tune in to restore pipe organ" The Star Ledger (NJ newspaper) Sunday Dec 14 1997 pg 44 Cathy Bugman

GSTOS Members

  • 4/18/05 Local Theatre Organ News
    "The Lafayette Theatre Presents The Mighty Wurlitzer"
    John Baratta at the Console

    This super Wurlitzer theatre organ is located only about 0.45 miles from the border of NJ, so this sure qualifies as a "local" organ. Check out this CD for some delicious sounds or better yet just stop in to hear the organ played live !!! John Baratta is a member of GSTOS.

  • "Everett Oliver residence Wurlitzer" Theatre Organ (Journal of the American Theatre Organ Society) Nov/Dec 1997 pg 6 Mike Foley

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