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Why get involved?

  • To hear fabulous Theatre Pipe Organ music.
  • To play the Theatre Pipe Organ yourself.
  • To help preserve these marvelous instruments from extinction.
  • To enjoy socializing with interesting people. We have over 200 members!

Membership Brochure (PDF)
Membership Application (PDF)

GSTOS is a tax-exempt, non-profit 501(c)(3) Corporation. Contributions to further the Society’s goals are tax deductible.

IRS Form 990's are available upon request from GSTOS and freely part of the public record and available at various specialty sites online.

Local Artists and Professional Members Who Play for Us

Ed Alstrom, Bernie Anderson, Mark Andersen, Steven Ball, John Baratta, Peter Baratta, Ed Baykowski, Juan Cardona, Candi Carley-Roth,
Paul Citti, Eric Fahner, Eric Fricke, Don Hansen, Glenn Hough, Don Kinnier, Barry Lesher, Michael Xavier Lundy, Bob Maidhof, Sy Mendel,
Jerry Mendelson, Dan Minervini, Ben Model, Greg Owen, Earle Seely, Andrew Van Varick, Wayne Zimmerman

Closing Chord - GSTOS Artists From the Past

Jeff Barker, Frank Cimmino, Ashley Miller, Ralph Ringstad, JrJinny Vanore

Benefits of Membership

  • Concerts and silent films accompanied by internationally known artists and our own professionals. 
Open Console

Open Console

  • Open Console, offering frequent chances; for everyone to play. Playing ability in the group ranges from beginner to professional. There is always someone available to assist you, if desired.
  • Over a dozen Theatre Pipe Organs in public venues and private homes, enable you to view and experience many instruments at our monthly events.
  • Socializing - Picnics, parties, luncheons, and dinners – many at low or no cost, help members meet a diverse group of friendly people with similar interests.
  • Restoration / Maintenance - Learn the intricacies of how the “King of Instruments” works. Join one of our Organ Crews to help with organ preservation. Restoration projects are labor intensive, and require a wide variety of skills.
  • Newsletter and Comprehensive Website – Our monthly newsletter “Pedals and
    Pipes” keeps you informed of concerts, silent films, open console, meetings,
    parties, work sessions, and project progress. E-mail updates of breaking news
    supplement the newsletter.
Working on a Wurlitzer

Working on a Wurlitzer

Types of Membership

You can make a difference in furthering the Society’s goals by joining us as a voting member, and attending our business meetings where your ideas on important issues are welcomed. In order to vote, however, you must also belong to our parent organization, the American Theatre Organ Society (ATOS). Membership in ATOS brings you the bi-monthly magazine Theatre Organ and informs you about national and international Theatre Organ events. For more information visit their website Non members of ATOS are invited to join GSTOS as nonvoting friends.

Membership Application

Membership Brochure (PDF)
Membership Application (PDF)




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GSTOS annual dues are only $25.00US, (either as
single, or family membership), payable to GSTOS,
which entitles you to receive our Pedals & Pipes
newsletter, one free ticket to any one of our concerts,
and the privilege to attend any of our meetings

To be eligible as a GSTOS voting member, you must
also join the 4,000+ member American Theatre Organ Society.
Added benefits include a bi-monthly Theatre Organ

Contact ATOS by email -- Donna Parker at, sign up with ATOS online, or by mail to:
ATOS Membership, PO Box 162049, Atlanta, GA 30321-2049.

Do you currently play piano______?
Organ______ ? Other_______?
Would you consider becoming an Organ Crew
Member? Yes____ No____ Not Sure____.
Are you a member in another Organ Group?
Yes___ No___ If yes, please indicate________

Pay for your membership through PayPal:


~ OR ~

Make check or money order payable to GSTOS
and mail to:
Cal Bacon, Treasurer
9 Valley View Rd.
Long Valley, NJ 07853-3132

If you wish to make a tax deductable donation to GSTOS, please donate through PayPal: