Theatre Organist: Eric Fricke

Eric Fricke

In 2009, at the age of 16, Eric Fricke found an odd sense of identification with the typical idea of a confused teenager. With thoughts about music, performance, and the organ that changed by the hour, he could at least give a performance in a continuously new manner. 
He is the so called “protégée” of Cameron Carpenter, sparkly organist of Grammy nominated fame, and a piano student of Miles Fusco. A former student of Lew Williams and Dr. Craig Westendorf, along with several other music teachers in Arizona, Eric has studied music for the majority of his life.

Fortunate enough to have performed around the country, Eric has found himself facing unusual musical challenges, including providing an improvised accompaniment to a comedy routine by noted comedienne Emily Levine. He has been pleased to perform for the ATOS on many occasions, including at the Young Theatre Organist Competitions in 2007 and 2008. During his 2008 appearance, and faced with the need to fill up time, he made his impromptu debut as stand-up comedian. 

Regarding Eric’s career questions, he has thoughts of pursuing a wide variety of non-musical arts and fields, though perhaps the best advice he’s been given comes from his piano teacher, “You should have a TV show.” At age 16 he couldn’t imagine such a feat.

In December of 2010, Eric described himself as an “NYC-based young organist and pianist without genre, just music. Known for experiments with the physical and sonic boundaries of organ playing.” He has been described as “unconventional and highly talented.”

Now in his early twenties, Eric attends St. John’s College, Annapolis, MD, where he is a philosophy student, reapproaching music with new eyes opened to mathematics, science, history, metaphysics, linguistics, literature, and poetics. He expects to receive his BA degree in 2014.